Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I left the park in Michigan and drove just a few miles south to Port Huron where I crossed into Ontario.

It seemed to me that there was a lot less scrutiny by the border guard once it was established that I would be driving straight through and back into the US in the same day. So I cruised along, past Hamilton, and to Niagara Falls. I couldn't see the falls from the road (been there, done that), but did see some mightily impressive hydroelectric dams. At the US border I had to wait while the man in front of me attracted a whole gaggle of guards, who escorted him away somewhere and then one of them drove his car to park it! (Probably some kind of terrorist spy) I had an easier time, waiting only as long as it took they guy to check the trailer for illegal immigrants! I must have been within the limit, as he sent me on my merry way.

I stopped for the night at a Passport America participant camp so that I could pay 50%, and it worked out well. As it is off season, mid-week, and rainy, there's nobody at these places. I had my choice of spots, and could let the dogs run free. The next morning I was quick to leave, having never unhooked the truck or put down stabilizer jacks, and plus I was eager to move along and get to the:


I pulled off the New York State Thruway and headed north into z hills. As I climbed I watched the colors improve, and although where I stopped is still southern Adirondacks, the trees might have already peaked here. I camped at a state park campground: Moffitt Beach. It's all spread out along a beautiful lake - my campsite was a mile from the camp office! Most of the sites are too crowded with trees for my big-rig, but there were a few roomy ones, and I found one where I could back up to the lake. Again, nobody around, so I could let the dogs free. Toby lost no time finding the sharp end of a porcupine and getting some quills stuck in his muzzle! He was brave as I yanked them out one by one.

The rainy weather that I had been driving under all day finally cleared out late afternoon, and the view was gorgeous over the late at the hills ablaze with color:

The sun set behind storm clouds, and I caught this silouette of Toby framed by the lake and distant angry sky (click to enlarge, as always):

The next day I took Toby for a hike up in the hills and we had fun crossing a swollen stream in a couple of places. It was warm and smelled of fallen leaves and fresh rain:

Found this colorful array of fungi:

Back at camp, we found the lake millpond-smooth, so I couldn't resist launching a kayak and going for a quick paddle before dinner. Toby was trembling with excitment as several beavers smam nearby and spashed their tails with tremendous slaps. He would have jumped in and swam after them if I hadn't held him back! He is still gazing intently as I manage to snap a few pictures:

And the evening ended with a roaring campfire, smoky burgers, and one of the reddest sunsets I have ever seen:

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