Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Reunion in Brookings

When we drove back to the coast we were just two of a convergence of family headed for Brookings, Oregon. Nancy's sister Diane lives there, so it was the perfect place for family to come together during our trip. Lillian and Mike were the first to join us, as chronicled in the Crater Lake post. Derik and Scott, along with Brittany and Kristin flew in to Crescent City CA, and Diane's daughter Taylor and son Devon drove down from the Portland area. Her other daughter, Samantha, also lives in Brookings with her fiance Sean. Diane lives with her man Steve and his brother Mark. Add in Steve's daughters Heather and Stephanie, and Diane's friend Lois and her fiance Brad, and you'll find a crowd of nineteen! Quite a crew!

Our week together was fun filled. We had fantastic weather, and engaged in activities including beachcombing, hiking, campfires, cooking, shopping, karaoke, cave exploring, and swimming. Way too much to describe in detail, so here is a photographic sampling that should convey a sense of the experience!

Oh, and would you believe that we picked up Scott, Derik, Kristin and Brittany at the airport with Gigantor with the Whale in tow? I wonder if that's ever been done before...

Kristin and Brittany splash in the Pacific Ocean for the first time:

Whaleshead emerging in the fog, washed in morning sunlight:

Diane and Steve:

Steve and Mark are karaoke fans, so we all paraded down to the 101 Club not once, but twice during our stay! Those readers who know me will know that that brings my lifetime karaoke experience up to three. Before this there was just one other time back in the day, bumbling through "Ebony and Ivory" with my friend was ugly... Here Taylor and Samantha entertain us with a duet:

Lois leads the girls in dance:

Mike & Lillian dance while Diane and Steve sing a duet:

Derik and Brittany on the rocks at Harris Beach:

Campfire on Harris beach:

Devon is Lord of Fire:

The wave-pounded coastline:

Kristin, Scott, Brittany and Derik at Indian Sands:

Derik glissades the dunes at Indian Sands:

Scott takes control of the kitchen, preparing delicious chicken piccatta:

Relaxing in the hot tub after an eventful day:

Scott and Kristin in Oregon Caves:

Amazing Oregon Coast:

Kristin and Brittany sporting matching Oregon Coast sweatshirts at the pool tables in Wild River Pizza:

Breakfast at Whaleshead:

Derik paddles the beautiful waters of the Chetco River:

The stately old growth redwoods at Jedediah Smith Redwood Park:

Hiking in the redwoods:

A demonstration of girth:

Stunningly beautiful Secret Beach:

Oregon coast sunset:

Goodbye for now!:

A huge THANK YOU! to Diane, Steve and Mark for hosting all of us at their house in Brookings. We took their place by storm - a veritable home invasion - and I know how disruptive and exhausting that can be. They took it in stride, kept everyone in food and in drink, were excellent hosts, and for this we are immensely grateful!

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