Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the shores of Strom Thurmond Reservoir

We returned to Hamilton Branch State Park, on the shores of Strom Thurmond Reservoir, because we really enjoyed our stay there back in November of 2010, and wanted to attempt to recreate that experience. And recreate it we did. If anything it was better. Too short, but better. Amazing campsite - huge, water on three sides, no-one else around. Being early season and mid-week, it was like we had the entire campground, even the entire lake to ourselves. Just the sounds of the birds kept us company - rafts of moorhens, flocks of canada geese, loons. Looking out from camp we could see no sign of human beings at all - it was awesome!

View from camp:

Nancy paddles in the reservoir - look carefully and see The Whale along the lakeshore, all by itself:

What brought us (and by us I mean me) here the first time was a mountain bike trail system called FATS (Fork Area Trail System), a highly rated trail network that is a model for trails everywhere. Last time it was just me who marauded the trails, but this time Nancy joined me to put her Mamba to good use!

Look at her go!

We rode the 6 mile long "Skinny" trail together. It was pretty hot, and Nancy is just getting started, so she was pretty tired by the end, but she did great. The next day I went back to really hammer the trails, getting lots of air, and carving up the turns. Excellent trails - I had a blast!

The Brown Wave trail is so named as it feels like surfing and endless wave of brown dirt track:

So, just two full days, days of pedalling and paddling...

...two perfect, peaceful, blissful days to remember always.

Next stop, another return visit, this time in Asheville, North Carolina.


  1. Great fun, used to kneeboard in that lake, I also managed to barefoot in thatlake once. Hope you're having a super time!

  2. Tommy O'ConnorMarch 26, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    Wow, Nancy looks like she's going to go pro soon!