Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gallup, New Mexico - This time it was awesome!

We were driven out of Gallup two weeks ago by strong winds and blowing sand. It was frustrating because of the beautiful landscape and abundance of hiking and biking trails. So we were glad to go back, and even more so when we learned that our travellin' friends Jim and Julie would meet us there!

We pulled into Red Rock Park campground just minutes after J&J, and, faced with too many (200) sites to choose from, we pondered and hemmed & hawed, but eventually made a decision and parked our rigs.

During our stay Jim, Julie and I took two nice hikes, one to each of the formations accessible from the park. Toby and Star dog went on the first, but both elderly dogs had trouble with the steep and slippery sandstone.

Toby was coerced to hike the longer, higher Pyramid trail as well, but he was one tired puppy when we got back to camp! The views from the top of the pyramid were fantastic - a full 360 degree panorama.

Plus, we got to see a little rattlesnake sunning itself in a rock crevice just off of the trail. I believe that this was a mojave rattler.

I also went for a good bike ride on the High Desert Trail System
- a very buff singletrack that made up for its lack of technical challenges with mile after mile of twists and turns, able to be ridden very fast. A great overlook, too.

We took a drive into downtown Gallup for a walk around. If it weren't for the murals it would have been a waste of time. Apparently everything is closed in Gallup on Sundays. The murals were nice, though.

The four of us enjoyed evening meals together, talking and playing board games until bed-time. It was great to have another visit, and we certainly hope that Jim and Julie will include Connecticut in their travels in the next year or two.

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