Saturday, May 15, 2010

Albrecht Residence

We had a relatively short and easy drive up into New York State on Thursday, stopping at the best grocery store ever, Wegman's, to buy dinner to share with my grandparents that evening, in honor of their 72nd wedding anniversary. We got a classic upstate NY dinner of steak, salt potatoes and sweet corn (first of the season). We then coaxed Gigantor and The Whale up the steep hillside onto the ridge and over to Northview Road, where we had a relatively easy time backing into the driveway, thanks in part to some anticapatory pruning of the magnollia tree.

Here we are at Northview Road!:

After getting settled in, we brought out the dogs and introduced them to Brownie, the miniature poodle. We let them meet & greet in the yard, which went well, and them, after wiping the mud off their feet, brought them inside, where Brownie and Toby engaged in vigorous play! We cooked dinner and had a nice visit, and later the tired dogs settled down on the sofa:

In the morning I took my grandfather to an appointment, and then we cmae back for a nice breakfast. We visited some more, looked at photos, and my grandfather came out to see the whale from the inside. It was difficult for him to get up the steps, but he did it and I'm glad he had a chance to see it. He's owned campers before, and knew all about the systems and asked a lot of questions.

Here we are with my 94 year old grandmother, Margaret:

And here we ware with my 94 year old grandfather, Arnold:

It was a short by very nice visit with the Albrechts!

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