Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hills Creek State Park, PA

Drove north through central Pennsylvania on Monday, arriving at another of the state parks: Hills Creek. It's a nice quiet park and we have no neighbors, due to the fact that it's early season, mid-week, and the weather forecast is poor. The tail of the whale is pointed towards the lake, which is circumnavigated by a nice foot path. We walked the dogs on the path after we got settled, and saw a bald eagle fly out of a tree above our heads!

Later, when I was catching sunfish and bluegills on my fly rod, I saw another bald eagle, this one a mature male.
I also had a nice mountain bike ride around the lake, and along the way saw a wood-duck pair, another nice bird moment.

Not an eagle:
Also not a wood duck:

Today we went into the lovely town of Wellsboro, which has a great main street lined with the kind of nice shops and restaurants that locals enjoy, but that also appeal to visitors. We had lunch at a great sandwich shop, its popularity apparent by the line of people waiting to order. Then we drove on to Pennsylvania's "Grand Canyon", which is a river gorge about 1500' deep. We walked the dogs there, too, and enjoyed the views.

Nancy puts Kinsey into an old incinerator. Kinsey was not amused:

And here is a picture which I took in the Smoky Mountains, but which I like and thought I'd share now:

Tomrrow we have a short drive up to Ithaca, New York, my birthplace and the home of my grandparents. They are both 94 years old, and tomorrow is their 72nd wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? I don't think they can...


  1. How wonderful that you get to see your grandparents on their 72nd anniversry! Hope you enjoy your visit!!!

  2. Wow - Happy Anniversary to your grandparents, very cool!

  3. have fun with Gramma and Grampa! I'll try to call them today - we have a very hectic day as is the usual these days of work and baseball 5-6 nights a week! I haven't even started to plan my b day party yet! Better get on that! How long are you in Ithaca? Eat some mocha chip ice cream (peppermint stick would do too!!) for me!

  4. I am amazed that your grandparents have been married for such a long time. It is just wonderful!Many people do not live that long!