Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crater Lake revisited

Heading east from Brookings took us first down to Crescent City, California, where we had to endure another agricultural checkpoint. Thankfully we’d saved our paper from the first time, and we were quickly on our way. Driving northeast from there, through stands of old-growth redwoods, we came at last to the Crater Lake RV park, in Prospect, Oregon.

We’ve stayed at this park before, just over a year ago, when it was called Prospect RV park, and this is where we had met Zack and Bekah, who were hosts there. They’ve moved on to host at another park, and we're sorry to have missed them, but this park remains one of our favorite private campgrounds, as it is laid out in the manner of some of the better state parks – nice deep, wide sites in a well treed park-like environment.

We wanted to visit Crater Lake again, having been so enchanted with it last year. It was a beautiful warm day when we went there this time, and the perfect blue waters were every bit as magical as we remembered. Regardless of having taken many photographs previously, I couldn’t resist and took many, many more. This time we also had a nice hike along the rim trail which afforded us some panoramic views that we hadn’t seen before. What a gorgeous place. You should go there.

Rolling in snow on a hot summer day!

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The other highlight of our stay was the trail that follows the Rogue River, and is accessible right from the campground. I enjoyed this rolling trail last year, and rode it with Zack as well. This time I took Nancy out on it, and she loved it. We rode it all three mornings we were there. Great fun.

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