Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pocatello & Provo

It was with great reluctance and a sense of resignation that we left Sun Valley and headed southwards. Our first drive took us to Pocatello, Idaho, where we just spent an overnight. It was hot there, but we still took a walk on a multi-use trail adjacent to the campground, and went into town for mediocre Thai food.

We drove south again to Provo, Utah, where we would begin cleaning and packing truck & trailer for handoff. The heat was almost unbearable, more so because we were moving around a lot, packing up, cleaning and waxing. I did outdoor chores like waxing Gigantor early in the morning, and in the heat of the afternoons we hid indoors and packed boxes.

We got boxes for free by stopping at a nearby industrial park, where, with permission, we took 20 or so in "like new" condition. Saved nearly $50 over buying them at Home Depot. We picked up our Penske moving truck in Provo, too. A 12 foot box truck, it was actually smaller and easier to drive than Gigantor. We began to fill it right away:

I had originally thought that our payload would just cover the floor of this moving truck, but it quickly became apparent that it would be filled two or three boxes high. Amazing how much stuff we had tucked away in storage in The Whale.

Move moving and selling stories in the next post...

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