Monday, July 2, 2012

Trinidad revisited

Fond memories of Trinidad brought us back there once more, although we tried out another RV park, Sounds of the Sea. Our habit of not reserving way in advance causes us to be unable to stay at state parks most of the time, unfortunately, but the flexibility pays off in other ways.

For the first time in two months we encountered wet weather. Not really rain, per se, but mist so heavy that individual droplets were visible as they fell. This far north the landscape changed to pure temperate rain forest, all lush and green. Gone are the prickly grasses and thorny seed pods. Thick lawns, towering evergreens draped with moss, tall ferns... Beautiful. And the air feels rich with oxygen.

In the afternoon when the fog/mist/rain burned off we went into Trinidad to walk the beach and around town, picking up some more delicious Katy's canned albacore.

Trinidad Harbor:

A short bike ride down the road brought us to Patrick's Point State Park, a beautiful place, and where we descended a path to the shoreline to explore tidepools.

Agate beach provided hours of pretty-stone-searching entertainment, and a tired Toby allowed his back to be the site of an art installment:

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