Friday, April 2, 2010

Kayaking and Clams

Our holding tank overflowed today...April Fools! Anyway, we leave Tuesday for Roanoke Island, NC, so we crammed a lot into Monday, a spectacularly clear and pleasant day. I took a mountain bike ride, finding obstacles to ride on and jump off in and around the park, and a short trail as well. After lunch we launched our kayaks and paddled the inlet on the north side of Cape Charles.

Nancy paddles in front of the Caribbean-esque luxury community at Cape Charles:

I show Toby some oysters which grew in clumps in the shallows:

The view of and from within a delapidated boat house:

After our together paddle, I went back out to try for striped bass, but the water is too cold and the fish aren't biting. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Another nice paddle for me, thought.

It turns out that Cherrystone here also runs an aqua-farm, raising littleneck clams, so I bought a bag for dinner, steaming them on the fire, along with a skewer of shrimp for Nancy:

I ate 50 of these little guys!

And ANOTHER fabulous sunset over The Bay, this one with a tanker passing through:

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