Monday, April 5, 2010

Outer Banks

So, here we are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, at The Refuge campground. We're lucky that insomuch as we are right on top of our neighbors, that they are a very nice family of four with two well behaved dogs. I wish ours were so well behaved. We let them greet and sniff, and then things are quiet for a while. Quite dogwise, that is. There is a road right behind us, and I think that the locals are engaging in a whose-got-the-loudest-pickup-truck competition. But the weather has been outstanding, and there are great beaches and seafood. I can see why so many flock here in summertime. Here is a view of the whale in her pod:

The beaches have excellent sand and surf. I estimate from looking at the map that the beach is more-or-less continuous for over 150 miles!

There is a state park in Nags Head called Jockey Ridge, and here there are enourmous sand dunes that are beautiful, and provide high ground perfect for kite flying, sand surfing, and hand gliding.

Here Nancy climbing a steep dune:

And a student takes his first flight at hang-gliding school:

We also visited a beautiful Elizebethan Garden, and took many photos, of which these are a few:

For Easter, we enjoyed mojitos in the warm evening air, and then ate our ham, bean casserole and coleslaw dinner out doors.

It was strange to be alone for Easter, but we talked with family and had a fine time. The kids "next door" had an egg hunt, which was fun to watch. All in all, a good couple of days.

Today we head a few miles south again, to Hatteras Island. We'll stop for lunch somewhere along the National Seashore, then camp at Frisco Woods campground.

Happy Easter to all!

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