Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cherrystone Campground

It is unbelievably nice outside now, so I've got to make this quick and get out there. Yesterday was sunny, but windy and cool, and started out with dog antics in the "living room":

Then, while Nancy worked, I did chores around camp, like clean windows, fill propane tank, buy firewood, collect kindling, dump tanks, etc. Then I took Toby for a short paddle on a protected brackish pond that borders the campground. At the end of the day Nancy and I biked over to the mini-golf course here, which hasn't been cleaned up for the season yet, but we played anyway. Nancy prepares for the loop-de-loop:

And I horse around with a fish:

Got back to camp, hung up my paper lanterns, built a wood fire, and cooked bacon-wrapped tenderloins and fire-roasted potatoes - yum!

And ate our dinner looking out at another amazing sunset:


  1. it sounds wonderful...The photos are stunning!

  2. Matthew, of all the photos, I loved the most the one of you riding the fish.