Sunday, April 11, 2010

National Seashore

So, we've been at the Frisco Campground in the Hatteras National Seashore, which is so different from the other private campgrounds we've been staying at - the sites are spaced out more so its more private, there's no hookups so we're running off our battery and water tank, its half the cost per night, and it's gorgeous scenery. We are camped at a site on the highest "ridge" overlooking the entire campground and the Atlantic ocean. The surf is the loudest sound we hear. Its my favorite place we've stayed.

Its a little dark, but you can see through our windows the landscape and ocean that make up our view:

This is taken from another of the campground roads. Look how you can't see any of the roads of other sites:

Looking back from the end of the boardwalk that leads over the dunes to the sea, you can see several campers, including ours:

We took a nice hike one afternoon in Buxton Woods here on Hatteras

While we were walking a big black snake slithered quickly up into a tree and then was still. This photo's for Theonne :)

The wind settled down, so we were able to enjoy drinks on the beach:

Today I fished in Pamlico sound as it was so calm. Again: nothing. Later we lugged the Ocean Kayak down to the ocean so I could play in the much diminished surf. It is common practice to drive on the beach in the National Seashore, so here you can see many beachgoers and fisherman parked on the hard sand below high tide level:

I was really impressed with the Frenzy in the surf. This is what its made for! It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but I learned the technique and surfed countless of these small breakers, sometimes riding them all the way onto the sand. It was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again!

Lastly, there was one very traumatic moment yesterday: we were driving down the road to the campground with the windows open, and one of the many rabbits that live here ran across the road. Toby jumped right out the window and onto the paved road after it! Thankfully we were only going about 20mph, but the truck is very high, and he leapt from over 5 feet in the air and crashed onto the pavement. I saw it in the side mirror, and was horrified as he fell, tumbled and rolled, giving out a cry. I stopped and ran to him - he had stood up but was still, and I carefully picked him up and brought him to the truck. He was quiet and bleeding a little from his mouth. Back at camp I put him on the picnic table and felt all over him, and found nothing wrong except for some road-rash on his chin and a bloody lip from where his canine punctured through. No tender spots, no soreness, nothing. He's a tough little dog. We even went for a hike that afternoon, and he's shown no signs of discomfort since. I'll be keeping those windows rolled up much higher from now on!


  1. Besides your little dog jumping off the window ans being so well afterwords I think that you have found a great spot. It is beautiful and your photo at the beach is great. Keep on discovering!

  2. Matt...I didn't appreciate your snake humor!!! A snake that size would have given me a heart attck! So happy to hear that Toby is doing well after his fall. A stunt like that sounds like something Fluke would try. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Tell Nancy I said HELLO!