Monday, June 21, 2010

Cobscook Bay

We found Cobscook Bay State Park to be an excellent place to camp: big sites spaced well apart, natural woods setting, gorgeous waterfront. Even the sites down on the water were spaced out, but they were reserved, so we couldn't get one. I put out a section of dog fence across our driveway, but did not find it necessary to enclose an area for the dogs. Our site was well defined by woods and low brush, so Kinsey and Toby got the run of it. It was also a nice grassy site, which is much better for dirt management.

The only trouble is: no cell service and no internet. A big inconvenience for Nancy as we had checked the coverage maps and expected to have decent connectivity. Luckily we were there on the weekend, so it wasn't too much of a problem.

We walked down a nice trail to the water and found it to be flat calm - nothing around except for a couple of lobster boats sitting at their moorings:

The water was like a mirror:

The next day it was stinking hot - very un-Maine-like. No breeze, near 90 degrees. It quickly became unbearable at camp. Cobscook has no hookups, so we couldn't run our air-conditioner, so we took a drive to cool off in the truck. We headed out towards the easternmost point of the USA at Lubec, Maine, and there saw a sign for Quoddy Head State Park, so we headed down that way. There was a breeze off the water there, and it felt great. There was also a nice lighthouse and view of the mouth of the Bay of Fundy:

They say 100 billion (with a B) tons of water flows out of the Bay of Fundy every tide, and thats equal to the water that flows out of every river on earth in a 24 hour period. The tide at Cobscook rises and falls 24 feet on average. Deep in the Bay it's more like 50 feet. Back in Freeport it's only 9', and in CT a paltry 3'.

The next day was slightly less ridiculously hot, but we took another drive anyway, this time down to Machias, Machiasport, and Bucks Harbor. Down to Bucks Harbor we found a beautiful little beach on the harbor:

but weren't able to shop at the mall because it was closed:

We took the kayaks down to the water to have a paddle, but found it too choppy, but we also found the tide to be low, and I picked a bunch of mussels to have with dinner, and they were delicious!

Coming back to camp we saw a red fox crossing the road, its huge tail flowing as it trotted along, and then in the campground we came across this portly, prickly porcupine, which was so laid back that I came within about four feet of it while taking its picture:

So, Cobscook Bay State Park is high on our list of favorite parks. Check it out if you ever find yourself this far down-east.

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