Friday, June 25, 2010

Hopewell Rocks; P.E.I.

We spent just two nights at Ponderosa Pines Campground in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. A caravan of motorhomes had most of the big sites reserved for the weekend, so we couldn't stay longer, and indeed probably wouldn't have wanted to once they all descended upon the place.

Just around the corner, and in fact visible from camp, is Hopewell Rocks. These are sandstone formations, carved by erosion away from the steep shoreline, even as trees still grow on their tops. The result is an otherworldly landscape that can be paddled through at high tide and walked through at low tide. We did both.

Here I am paddling the chocolate brown waters amongst the towering monoliths:

There are the free standing towers to paddle around, but also there are arches and cavelike tunnels that can be navigated, which was great fun. The water is always brown because the huge tides move over mud flats of this color, and the sediment is always suspended in the water this high up in the Bay of Fundy.

Here is Nancy emerging from behind one of the rocks:

Here is a scene that we caught both with the tide in and with it out:

This morning we packed up and headed north, crossed the Confederation Bridge onto Prince Edward Island, where we made camp at Crystal Beach Campground in New Annan, and watched the sun set over the island at 9:15 local time:

(It's 10:00 now, and still light enough to see outside)


  1. Looks quite nice up there, will have to add it to the list! We got back tonight from our second outing with the little pop up camper, went up to the White Mtns. in NH. Was hard to come back to the lowlands. Anyhow, we are enjoying the blog, and wish you all safe travels.

  2. PS I was surprised when I backed the camper into the driveway with no need for lights at 9pm - but 10:00 daylight - damn!