Sunday, June 6, 2010

So Free Me

South Freeport Maine:

We had a reserved campsite at familiar Recompence campground. Familiar because this is where my parents frequently come to walk their dogs. After getting set up we drove out to Bowdoinham to visit Laurel on the eve of her 40th birthday. But, she was not in a celebratory mood and did not appreciate my age related jokes: her appendix was staging a revolution. Laurel lay uncomfortably on the couch and watched us eat, and we left early so she could get some rest. See what happens when you turn 40!

The next morning Laurel went in for an ultrasound, and was sent from there over to the ER for emergency surgery to remove the offending organ. It took a few hours, lots of biohazard disposal bags, and, I believe, some duct tape, but at last she was stitched up and given all of the broth and jello she could stand. That night we ate steak and potatos with Mom & Dad, and with long haired nephews Dakota and Alistair:

Charles came by later after Laurel was tucked in for the night, had some late dinner and gelato, and took the boys home.

In the following days we had some nice walks, including this one out a Recompence, not far from our camp:

One night all we ate for dinner was fresh crabmeat salad on hot rolls; another night we cooked dinner on the fire over at our camp:

Saturday morning we entertained all of my favorite Peterson ladies, first Kristin, with husband Bobbie and son Gordie. They brought a selection of muffins, and I fried bacon and eggs. A little later Birgitta joined us with husband Kevin and boys Sam and Jack. I was remiss in photographing our visits with these folks, but it was really nice to see them. You'll have to take my word for it when I say that they all looked good. When Jan arrived last, the little ones were all hopped up on juice and muffins and needed to get outdoors to burn off some steam, so we had a nice quiet visit with Jan, and I did manage to remember to set up the camera:

After lunch we went over to the house, and found there our boys Derik and Scott, along with Scott's girlfriend Kristen. They'd driven up the night before, and stayed with my parents. We all had lunch and then drove in to Porland's Old Port district, where we walked the old cobblestone streets down by the waterfront, poked around in gift shops, and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.

Later we headed back out to Bowdoinham to Laurel's house to have another attempt at a birthday party. Laurel had recovered sufficiently to allow us all to invade her home. I brought chili, Mom brought bread, salad & desert, and Charles cooked some nice italian hors de'ovres and a delicious roast pork loin.

Scott, Laurel, and Derik:

Who says you shouldn't mix stripes with plaid!!!

Scott calms Alistair with some meditation:

The whole famn-damily,and Kristen too:

Ice cream cake!

After dinner the young-uns scampered off to play, and when it seemed they'd been gone long enough Charles called to them in the traditional Maine manner, by blowing a conch shell!

They came running! But now everyone wanted to have a blow, so to speak. Even Laurel risked popping a stich, and the hills were alive with the echos of the conch horn.

But Dakota and Alistair still had ice cream cake coursing through their veins, so they engaged in garden hose warfare, and we had as much fun watching them as they did in soaking each other to the bone. We all went to bed tired, but those little guys went to bed wet and tired!

This morning we went over to the house to breakfast with Mom & Dad, Derik, Scott and Kristen. We broused some of Freeport's multitude of outlet stores, and back to the house for lunch were the Lopez clan joined in. We finally headed back to pack up camp in the pouring rain, and the Whale swam down-east to Camden.

It was a great visit with family and friends, and especially nice that Derik and Scott were there too.

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