Monday, June 28, 2010

Prince Edward Island

Agriculture meets aquaculture. This is Prince Edward Island. Indeed, the water is never far away, and farms are everywhere. 1/4 of the surface area of the island is farm, and most of that seems to be potatoes. I was aware of the mussel farms, as most every seafood restaurant I've ever dined in has PEI mussells on their menu, but potatoes? Who knew? The land is very flat - the highest point is around 550', and the earth here is brick red. There's red sand beaches, and also white ones. It's nice. Quiet. Relaxing.

We took a drive around on one of the marked scenic routes which brought us past some nice vistas, and through Anne of Green Gables country. Mown lawns everwhere - these folks must spend a LOT of time mowing. We drove past some harbors full of fishing boats, others full of mussell farm bouys; fields of lupine, hay, and potatoes:

There is a rail-trail that runs end-to-end, with lots of branches, offering hundreds of miles of car-free biking. We did a short ride, towing both dogs for a while, then letting Toby run until he got tired. We were overwhelmed by the pungent aromas coming from one enormous potato processing plant. We watched a red fox bound along on a parallel path, pausing to give us a look. This is what it saw:

And every night the sky has put on an hour long sunset extravaganza. It starts up about quarter to nine, and is pretty much given up to lingering twilight by ten. This is the phase that lasts the longest: the post-sunset rose-pink fadeaway:

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