Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cape Charles

Yesterday, amid the pouring rain, we picked up and drove another hour south to Cherrystone camp resort near Cape Charles, Virginia. We are only 10 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the mouth of The Bay. The Whale was sitting in pools of water with more coming down as I raised the jacks:

The drive was uneventful, although we marvel at the number of run-down and condemned properties down here. With the ocean and Bay providing so much waterfront, you'd think this whole area would be stacked with million dollar homes with impecable grounds. Another thing we see a lot is chicken farms and processing plants.
Cherrystone campground is enormous: there are over 300 acres and more than 700 sites, with four fishing piers and a bait & tackle shop. We have a great view of the bay, although right now it is frothing from the fierce west wind. No fishing today, nor tomorrow, I'm afraid. We're on the end of a row, site #637, and expect to stay here at least until Friday. Last night a sliver of the setting sun peeked out between the horizon and the cloud layer:

Lastly, you've heard of the Pushmi-pullyu from Dr. Dolittle? Well, here is the West Highland Terrier version of the same, perhaps called the Sniffmi-pooyu?:


  1. Here in CT we have nothing but RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN! I can't wait for things to dry out. Hopefully you will get to do some fishing soon!

  2. I know! The weather down here broke this afternoon, so now its SUN, SUN, SUN! Ground's still soggy, though. Local fishing report is bleak, but I'll still be trying! Both CT homes are experiencing water issues...

  3. Hey guys, looks like rain will finally let up here in Maine tonight, looks like the trip is going great, any thing you didn't anticipate coming out in the shakedown?

    Best, C

  4. Good to have you all following along. I feel that all of the reading and planning really paid off, and the only things we missed are small ones, like a few kitchen tools, things like that. In fact, we had a few things shipped to us, rather than wait until late May. All of the big important things are just as expected, and all systems work well.