Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Driving, Dumping, Dilly-Dallying

OK, got internet at "home" now. Here at Fort Whaley campground the WiFi isn't working, so we paid Verizon some more money and got the air-card working. I now know that our priorities are going to be slightly different than I had previously thought. I thought that food, water and a place to park were top priority, followed by electricity, internet, a nice setting, etc.. The new priority is 1) Internet 2) electricity 3) food, etc... Without internet Nancy is not happy, and if she ain't happy then I ain't happy.

So, Sunday we drove down from Otter Lake through Allentown PA, then into Delaware, crossed a cool looking bridge, and drove on down just over the Maryland border. We left at 10:30, stopped for food and fuel, and got down here at about 5:00. Too much driving, we decided. Better to keep it at four hours or less.

Got a great site - on the water, no neighbors at the moment, electric, water and sewer. The only issue is the internet, and that's been all-consuming for Nancy. I think we're close now.

Since we've got "city water" we tried our shower, which works just fine. To borrow from comedian Rodney Carrington: "It feels kind of like a horse peein' on your back. If y'all don't know what that feels like, its like a dog, only stronger." Yeah, it's low-flow, but plenty of hot water, and right here on board - no funky floors or spiders like at some campground showers.

Then, we dumped the tanks. If you haven't seen the movie "RV" then you should. If you have then you'll remember the dumping scene, and I am thankful to say that our experience was nothing like that. In fact, it was easy, clean, odor free - not quite pleasurable, but no more of a chore than doing dishes. So, another RV milestone under our belts.

Had our first rainy day, so got some indoor chores, like laundry and vacuuming done. Today was forecast to be rainy, but wasn't too bad, just cold and windy. Nancy spent the whole day frigging around with the internet, so I fished and hiked and puttered around. Tomorrow I think we'll go to Assateague Island and Ocean City. Assateague has a herd of wild ponies, so we're hoping to catch a glimpse of them. We've got to give up this site on Friday, so I think we'll move closer to Chesapeake Bay for the weekend. I'd like to get some of those famous Maryland crab-cakes, and go fishing for striped bass. Watch for that in future reports.

Camp complete with wood fire and dog fence:


  1. Did not sign into account so I begin again. You do know that it can snow in that neck of the woods into May? Glad you got the internet squared away. That WIFI is a gamble. I could not get my notebook to work at Tampa International. Go figure. Hope your trip is free of health issues for both yourselves and your dogs. We had to take Buster to vet. Butt glands packed. One blew out through his skin. A mess but he is fine now. GG/GG are fine in Brazil. They called Ithaca today [March 23] Odor free tank dumping. NAAAAAA. Thursday we have our tank pumped. Been nine years. Be safe. Love, Uncle Jacob

  2. Happy wife, happy life :) Glad to see all is going very well - I'm jealous of the upcoming crab cakes!

  3. there's a cute city called Chesapeake City right on the C&D canal that has some great crab restaurants and good ice cream too! I don't know how far it is compared to where you are now but if your close, check it out and look out at the anchorage - we've spent a few nights there!
    glad you got the air card going its a little slow but if you have cell phone coverage then you should be good to go. have you looked into these big antennas that you can buy? a lot of people had them on their boat and it allowed them to pick up wireless at great distances - they cost about 120 -150.
    we are well here - i got a raise at work and more hours, so now we are trying to figure out child care! fun. weather has been up and down but there are some plants greening and bulbs are emerging. we've started talking about our next trip just a little nothing certain yet.
    have fun xoxo