Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Nancy and Kinsey joined me for a paddle. Kinsey rides quietly in the storage well behind Nancy, and seems to enjoy herself.
Toby prefers to perch precariously on the bow:

Saturday, sunny and 75, we hiked and picniced along a beautiful trail criss-crossing a creek in the Water Gap Recreational Area. Lots of fantastic waterfalls.

Lots of campers here at Otter Lake for the beautiful Spring weekend. Many have their dogs, so ours were not so well behaved and made a nuisance of themselves. I put up the fencing, which confined them, but did nothing to quiet them down. Busy campgrounds might not be our best setting. After dark, round the campfire, they were good, though, and we even dared leave them alone for a half-hour or so while we went to the indoor pool. We left one of the walkie-talkies inside set for voice activation, so we know that they did not bark while we were gone, which is excellent!

Tomorrow we pick up and move to a campground in Maryland near the southern border of Delaware, near Ocean City, Assateague Island and Chesapeake Bay. We (and when I say we I mean me) will also be experienceing the "joy" of dumping our tanks for the first time. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Matthew/Nancy: finally figured out how to comment on your blog. Bernice and myself will be following you. I mailed to your Grandparents in Ithaca what you have posted thus far. I'm in Florida until plus/minus first week of May then I'll be in Virginia until September. Be safe. Uncle Jacob and Aunt Bernice