Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mind the Gap...

And we're off!

After a frantic bout of "last minute" packing and cleaning, which began at 7:00AM and ended at 1:00PM, we locked the front door and hooked truck to trailer. Our trip began with disbelief that the little green light on the critically important brake controller would not illuminate! Can't go anywhere without that. So, a frustrating 1/2 hour was spent troubleshooting every connection only to find that the breakaway switch on the trailer wasn't fully seated. A simple solution, and we're back in business.

Pulling out was a breeze compared to the 1-1/2 hour ordeal of backing in. Our only issue was the rear bumper dragging on the ground as we pulled out.

We drove west on highway 84, headed to the Delaware River Gap in Pennsylvania. Along the way Nancy broused the web and made some calls to find us a campground that is open year round. We stopped for a break at a busy rest area, and again at a truck stop for fuel.

Rt. 209 took us through the Water Gap National Recreational Area, which is beautiful, and then we turned up a windy back road, driving 7 miles to Otter Lake Camp Resort, where we got a prime spot with water on three sides. It's a perfect spot to start our odyssey. The dogs jumped out and immediately began chasing ducks and geese, and Toby found something vile to rub in, resulting in our first use of our outdoor shower! We walked the dogs, had a simple dinner, and went to bed, exhausted.

This morning Nancy got all connected, and I unloaded and tested both new kayaks (Thanks Defibtech for the generous Christmas bonus which paid for these great new boats!) We think that we'll stay here for several days as the weather is good and the campsite is ideal. We'll explore the Water Gap area, do some walking, biking and kayaking, and look ahead for our next great camp.

Nancy relaxes in front of the lake view:
The dogs settle into their new home:
Nancy at the office:
View of the lake and our campsite from the Hobie kayak:
Toby and I test the Frenzy:


  1. Congrats!! Looks great! Go to the water gap park for some great hiking around waterfalls that are beautiful! See you in June!

  2. Great pictures, keep them coming. Just had St Patty's dinner with Lynn & Bruce at Brookside Cafe in Higganum. Have fun
    Steve & Stacey

  3. Looks like all the prep work was well worth it...enjoy every minute! Love the pictures!

  4. You couldn't ask for better weather to kick off the trip, eh? Almost makes up for last weekend's mayhem. Looks like a great camp site there!

  5. Matthew and Nancy, you inspired me to start my own blog. Check it out someday at :
    I loved your photos and wish I could share some of your discoveries! Micheline