Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ocean City Crab Cakes

Wednesday was sunny and 65, so after work, chores and a quick paddle in the morning, we went to Ocean City in the afternoon, drove up and down the city to get a feel for the place, then took a nice walk on the beach and boardwalk.
The dogs had fun rolling in the sand, splashing in the backwash of the surf, and greeting countless other dogs on the boardwalk. A dead humpback whale washed ashore here a week ago and was hauled away first with a bulldozer, then a tractor trailer with police escort!

I found this scene funny: older couple rides up on their motor scooters, then the woman clambers up onto the seawall and lays there like she's posing for a photo shoot. Little did she know - she was!

We couldn't resist stopping for dinner at Waterman's Seafood. I had crabcakes, which were loaded with meat, very good and very filling.

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