Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tall Pines, Virginia

Friday our lease was up over at Fort Whaley, so we picked up and moved house just an hour away south-east to Tall Pines Harbor campground in Sanford, Virginia. Now we are on Chesapeake Bay proper - Pokomoke Sound to be specific. It was a rainy day for travel, so I was glad that it was a short day, although the wet road driving wasn't a problem for Gigantor and the Whale. So, we got minimally set up, walked dogs between showers, and I made pizza for dinner in our little propane oven.
Yesterday was sunny but cold and very windy. We tried to go kayaking but took a while to find the hidden launch site, and then didn't go because of the cold and wind. Instead we got some groceries and then explored a bit in the truck, ending up in the nearby town of Saxis, where we found a fishing pier and strange shallow graves in peoples yards. A few pictures of Saxis:

In the evening I grilled burgers over a fire, and then we went to the Rec Hall for the "show" appropriately called "Hillbilly Hoe-Down" where they re-enacted skits from He-Haw and played game-show games using Beverly Hillbillies trivia. Silly, but fun.

Today I plan to take a crack at fishing for striped bass, although the water is very brown and cloudy from recent rain and wind, so expectations are low.


  1. I believe the shallow graves are because there is so much ground water that when you dig down you just get hole full of water, in the Bahamas you hit coral and cannot penetrate without heavy machinery, thus shallow graves there too.
    Hope the weather improves soon, have fun!

  2. Great Posting Matthew and Nancy. Weather in VA seems to be taking a positive turn. I should be heading up May 01 [doctor appointments til then] When I first saw the grave markings my first opinion was: he sells grave markers. Be safe and I'm surely glad my Nephew is "law abiding". Uncle Jacob