Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First post: Countdown to Departure

Five more days at home, and then we shift Gigantor into drive and head out!

It's been very hectic since I left work on February 26th. I spent several days over at the house that we own in Portland, CT, which tennants just vacated, and which we hope to rent out before we leave. Saturday we showed the place to eight interested parties, of which four filled out applications on the spot. So it looks like that'll work out OK.

Since then, I've been sick with a nasty cold, but trying to put in my time getting truck and trailer ready for the road. I made a detailed drawing of the rig showing all 44 places to stow stuff, and we're gradually assigning items to locations. The bulk of the move-in will be last minute, but its good to know where stuff goes in advance. The truck has had some work done - some preventative, some reactive (the radiator failed), and today I changed the oil (it holds 10 quarts!). I still need to change the fuel filter before we leave.

So, tomorrow I bring the water systems online for the first time, and I'll pray that everything works well - no leaks! And any of our belongings that we can live without for the next few days will be loaded, because after tomorrow this wonderful weather breaks, and if it rains it'll be messy loading gear.

Saturday's our open house and party. We hope for a good turnout so that we can see all of our friends and neighbors whom we'll miss while we're away.

Check back next week as the journey will have begun, and I'll be posting pictures and stories from out yonder.

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