Monday, March 29, 2010

Kayak, dinner and guitar

Sunday we had a nice off-leash dog walk, and then I took off with my fly rod and a kayak to see about these Chesapeake Bay "rockfish", or striped bass as we know them in New England. The wind was ferocious, and the water the color of beef gravy, so it was an exercise in futility. I got a good workout paddling against the wind, and I was super glad to have purchased a Virginia fishing license, as two DEP officers were on the bank when I pulled back in. They were friendly and we had a good chat, but it wouldn't have gone so well without that license in my pocket.

The tidal river I was in looks peaceful in this photo, but around the bend: mayhem:

So, having caught no fish, I fire-grilled up some salmon fillets:

Played a little guitar by the fire as evening fell:

Tomorrow we move just a litle bit further south towards the mouth of The Bay. Internet has been miserable here, and should be much better there.

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